The LifeWork Community

When we are all working independently, it is especially important for us to have a strong community around us. When the going gets tough, we need somebody that has been in our shoes to tell us that everything is going to be okay. That’s why building a community is so central to our mission. No matter what type of freelancer you are, please join us in-person or online, and encourage your freelance network to do the same.


While we experiment with other platforms, we have created a Facebook Group to serve as the hub of our online community. This group is a place to ask the questions you have about freelancing to a network of people that will almost certainly include somebody that can answer it. It is a place to share best-practices that you think others could value from. It is a forum to discuss interesting and relevant articles that the members of the group will share. It isn’t a place for spam, but if there is a new product or service for freelancers that could benefit our community then we are more and happy for that to be tastefully shared. Please join us here.


Remote working is wonderful in many ways, but it is still vital for us all to develop strong, human connection that can only be achieved in person. And there is no reason not to when there are almost certainly already freelancers in your community. You don’t need to find people that do exactly what you do - although that’s great if you can - anybody that knows what it’s like to live with variable income and pay extortionate fees for healthcare can be a valuable supporter.

LifeWork currently only hosts in-person events in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, which you can find on our events page. If you are based anywhere else in the country, we recommend that you search for a local SPARK meetup group, which is organized by the Freelancers Union and meets every first Wednesday of the month. You can also search ‘freelancing’ or your type of work on for self-organized meetups in your local area.

Help grow our community

The support network grows stronger with every new member that joins. Please refer-a-friend to join us. We will all benefit from their addition to the community, and if they sign-up for and use the LifeWork payment platform we will credit you one fee-free project!